Saturday, 24 August 2013

Balika Vadhu 24th August 2013 Written Update

Jagya informs Singhs that he is off to Mangalore to visit his Florence Nightingale (Ganga). He needs to see for himself all iz well and now all functions are done. Sumi objects, but Bhaisa overrides her. Jagya leaves and his parents continue their fight. Sumi is maha unhappy. 
Kesar Bagh
Silly (Sanchi) is swinging with her friend. The girls discuss breaking news of Sanchi fasting (dieting/acting according to Sanchi) for Jagya. 
Bade Haveli – J’s bedroom
Gehna has gifts for Ganga that she gives to Jagya. DS also sneaks in to give “sattu” for Ganga’s fast. As DS is leaving, she cutely tells Gehna that she can tell others that she is giving sattu for Ganga, but it would be better for household peace if she doesn’t tell.
Bade Haveli – Sumi & Bhairon’s bedroom
Sumi is dialing a number, but then decides not to crib on Jagya to his to-be wife, Sanchi. She n Bhaisa fight again about whether Jagya is a ten yr old or an adult capable of making proper decisions.      
Kesar Bagh – Kitchen
Shiv and Anandi romance in kitchen as she preps for fast… They hug/shug…He thinks Anandi is fresher than tea and can’t sleep with her side of the bed empty. Anandi sends him off with a smile.

Bade Haveli Breakfast
Bhaisa receives call from Jagya, who is at airport. Sumi remains upset and does not want to talk. They (DS & Bhaisa) have to force her to eat pre-fast foods.

Kesar Bagh – Sanchi’s bedroom
Sanchi doesn’t want to wake up. Anandi and Shiv trick Sanchi into getting up for fast – they tell her Jagya has called. After she wakes up and runs, Anandi and Jagya smile and Anandi says she will get very mad when she finds out Jagya didn’t call.       

Kesar Bagh -Breakfast
Ira insists Anandi and Sanchi eat well pre-fast. Daddu joins reasons he can eat the fast food as the food won’t object to being eaten by a man! Shiv serves him and gets blessings that his teeth remain strong, so he too can enjoy similar breakfast from his grandchildren in old age.

Sanchi thinks she is doing all including fast to keep everyone impressed with her till wedding.

Mangalore town

Jagya arrives with Sattu as Ganga is gathering items to make it. Both stare at doorstep.


VO: Something about those thinking about others often encounter obstacles, but they don’t back away

PRECAP: Sanchi learns Jagya is away with Ganga…she schreeches about it to Shekhars.


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