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Balika Vadhu 5th December 2012 Written Update

Balika Vadhu 5th December 2012 Video Watch Online

Written Update
Scene 1:
Location: Jaitsar haveli
Everybody is stunned to see jagiya.while jagiya enters the house,dadisa rushes upto him and hugs and kisseshim,almost unbelieving her own eyes.Jagiya then goes on to touch everybody’s feet and take their blessings,everybody is overwhelmed to see him.Anandi too nods her head in approval at him.Shiv goes over to dadisa and says didnt he guess her only fervent wish rightly.Bhairo asks him how did he manage to gt him out of jail so soon.He tells that he went to the governor to plead for jagiya,and told everything why he did that and also the governor knew about jagiya’s contribution in eradicating epidemic from the village.Also due to the absence of any prior criminal record,the governorreleased him on a bond of 50,000 and with the promise that he would be in jaitsar and work for the welfare of its people.dadisa immediately says with conviction that he would look into it,and ensure that jagiay does so.

Dadisa lovingly calls shiv LAADESAR and says that today she has got everything in life.And shiv exceeded her expectations of what he is capable of doing.Shiv says that he got dadisa to call him LAADESAR,he doesnt need anything more than that,now that his happiness is manifold due to this term of endearance.jagiya comments that throughout he was the sole owner of this faamily’s affection and this term,and he wont be lying when he says that he felt jealous even when nandu was calles the same by dadisa,but today she rightfully called shiv LAADESAR.He is thankful that anandi got someone like him as her life partner.And that this haveli now has two sons instead of one.he never imagined that after what he did,he would be out from jail so soon.And that u showed me what a big hearted person can do.he apologizes to shiv for his mistake and thanks him for this generosity.Dadisa tells gehna to get sweets on such ahppy occassion along with the shagun for shiv.

Anandi comes upto him and thanks shiv for doing this and tells that just yesterday she asked the goddess for some miracle and she made it happen through him.Shiv smilingly looks down at her and says that he too had wished for a miracle and it had happened.When anandi asks what,he replies saying that the way he met her and fell for her is mothing short of a miracle.while she smiles,he folds his hands in gratitude in front of the goddess.

Scene 2:
Location: Jaitsar haveli.
Nandu is playing with jagiya on the terrace,and says that he is very happy that jagiay has returned and tells him about his plans of playing with his elder brother regularly,while jagiya absentmindedly thinks that he didnt care for this house,this family and the love everybody showers on him when he left them,only when he lost them did he truly realise the importance of their care and love and that the family is everythin a man has in his life.He absentmindedly misses a catch and the ball lodges itself in a big earthen pot.when he goes to retrieve it,he finds a dust ridden old Shiv-Parvati idol lying inside it.nandu asks who would have kept it there.He says he did it and remembers the past when he used to be irritable at being in jaitsar and away from mumbai.How he had insulted anandi for her village girl attitude,mocked her for her immaturity and when she had given him the idol to take to mumbai to remind him fo her,how when she had gonefrom the terrace,he had surreptitiously hidden the idol in the pot,it all comes flashing back to him.nandu says he has to go for school and leaves jagiya with his memories.he tries to rub off the dust and the reality of his being all alone hits him.he clutches the idol tight and goes downstairs.

while he crosses the passage ,he comes across sumitra.He hides the idol behind him.when sumitra reaches to him,she holds his hand and tells him that she’s proud that he’s her son and that she has full faith,that now he has returned to live with them forever,in his own house,in the hearts o his own people and with his family.jagiy gets emotional and teary eyed hugs sumitra.Anandi watches this from a distance and is emotional and teary eyed herself.The screen freezes on anandi’s face.

Underlying Message: Penance washes away the evil in person and makes him pure.evil feelings are taken over by thegoodness in man and the person becomes noble without any evil in him.

Precap: dadisa blesses anandi who is dressed as a bride,and they all take her from the foyer into the drawing room.aanandi is emotional looking at the haveli for possibly the last time before she leaves it with 

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