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Balika Vadhu 15th September 2014 Written Update

Balika Vadhu 15th September 2014 Written Update 

The episode starts with Amol coming to Alok and requests him to help in his homework. Alok says, I am busy now. Amol insists so he agrees. Alok takes his book. Meenu and Anandi come to Anoop. Anoop asks them to go. Meenu says, I didn’t bring this tea for you. This is for Anandi and me. She says, she thought to place old photos in new album and have tea. Anoop says, ok. Meenu says, I brought this album for safe keeping of photos. We will do this infront of you. Anandi asks Meenu, how she wants to place the photos in the new album. They look at Anoop. Aanndi says, she don’t know and asks her to suggest. Meenu asks her to decide. Anoop says, he will do it. Alok solves Amol’s maths problem. Amol thanks and gives him chocolate saying Chote Daddu gave it for you. Alok takes the chocolate and gets emotional.

Anandi gives the chocolate to Anoop saying Alok gave it for him. He apologizes to you. Anoop gets emotional and takes it. Anandi and Meenu look on.

Gehna is at the godown. Munim Ji picks the phone and gives the call to Gehna. Gehna talks to the bank manager and says I will send you the report soon. She thanks him. Workers come and asks her to check the grain. She says ok. Nandu comes and says he came to help her. Gehna says you are already taking care of you and your sister. Nandu says, it means I can’t help you. Gehna asks him to concentrate on studies and help her after growing up. She gives him Jagya’s example and asks him to be like Jagya. Nandu agrees. He asks Munim Ji to send his mom soon. He says ok.

Amol tells Anandi and Meenu that he gave chocolate to Bade Dada. Anandi says, chote Papa got emotional. It seems our plan have worked. Alok comes and hears their conversation. Anoop too comes there. Alok says, I had a doubt that this chocolate is not sent by Anoop. Anoop scolds Meenu and Anandi for playing with his emotions. They are shocked. Mannu comes to Nandu. Nandu says, he is busy. Gehna tells Jagya and Ganga that he is counting the money. Jagya asks her, do you remember about tomorrow. Ganga says it means you forgot. Gehna asks them to tell. Nandu tells her that tomorrow is Dadisaa’s birthday. Gehna says, she forgot. Jagya says it is a sensitive issue. Ganga smiles and says Jagya thought something. Nandu says, they will gift something to Dadisaa. Jagya asks them to keep it a secret. Everyone smiles.

Meenu comes to her room. Anoop scolds her for supporting Anandi and Amol. Meenu says, I supported Amol as he can’t you both angry. Anoop is still angry and blames Alok for talking to him rudely. Meenu asks, what will ruin if you say sorry to him. Anoop says, he suffered a loss of 25 Lakhs rupees. I will pay him the money.

Anandi is in her room. Meenu comes to her and says sorry. Anandi says, I felt weak that’s why took the medicine. I didn’t feel bad of Chote Papa’s words. She tells her that she had a doubt on Amol’s plan but supported them. Meenu says, both of the brothers are stubborn. Anandi assures her that Anoop and Alok will forget their difference and unite soon. Meenu says, you are saying right. She asks her to rest for a while and goes.

Anandi gets Jagya’s call. He tells her that tomorrow is special day. Anandi says, I remembered it and was about to remind you. She asks, what is tomorrow’s plan. How you are going to celebrate Dadisaa’s birthday. Jagya says, he has planned surprises for Dadisaa and asks her to come early morning and wish her. Anandi says, I will talk to Shiv about it. Jagya asks her to inform him.

Gehna is busy in kitchen and preparing sweets with Ganga. Mannu comes and tells them that Dadisaa is coming. They hide the stuff. Dadisaa comes and looks at them. She asks, why they are quiet. Ganga and Gehna say nothing. Mannu tells secret. Ganga says he learnt the word while Nandu was studying. Dadisaa tells Nandu that she needs his help. She sees gems packet. Nandu says, my friend gifted it to me. Dadisaa takes the gems and throws it in her mouth. Everyone is shocked to see her style of eating chocolate. Dadisaa smiles.

Nandu explains to Dadisaa about rotation of earth and day and night. Dadisaa says, I will explain it in class.
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Balika Vadhu 13th September 2014 Written Update

Balika Vadhu 13th September 2014 Written Update 

The episode starts with Shiv and Anandi on the way to Dayanand Vaid along with Subhadra. Subhadra apologizes to them. Shiv says, you didn’t think about Anandi and family. He accuses her for playing with Daddu’s life. Subhadra thinks what will Shiv do if he comes to know about the truth.

Teacher writes on board. A girl student opens gems packet and eats it. Dadisaa sees her. She offers gems to Dadisaa. Dadisaa refuses. A boy student throws paper on Dadisaa. Dadisaa turns and looks at him angrily. The boy smiles. Dadisaa looks at the paper and tells Teacher that this boy threw the paper ball on her. Teacher scolds Gopal. Gopal stands up and says he didn’t do it. She is lying. Other girl student tells teacher that Gopal is lying. Teacher scolds him and says she will call his parents. She asks him to apologize to Dadisaa. Gopal apologizes to her. Dadisaa sits down on her bench.

Police reaches to Dayanand’s shop with Anandi, Shiv and Subhadra. Shiv asks, where is he? Subhadra tells them that she met him here only. Shiv asks, do you remember correctly. Subhadra says yes. They start searching for Dayanand. Inspector says, he received some wrappers of ayurvedic medicines. Shiv asks him to search him. Subhadra thinks, she did the right thing by informing Dayanand about it. She thinks it is good that he left the place. She thanks God.

Dadisaa sits with her class girls to have food. Girls start teasing her and laughs. They ask her to do what they have done. Dadisaa asks her to give gems and tries to keep it in her mouth, but fails. Girls laugh. Dadisaa says, one learns after doing mistakes and goes on trying. Girls asks her to let it be, you can’t do. Dadisaa says, she will try for last time. She throws the gems in her mouth and it falls inside the mouth. She gets happy. All the girls clap and says you will be in our gang now.

Ira asks Alok about going to office. Alok tells her about his old client. Just then he gets a call from him. His client says, he is really disappointed and shocked. He rejects the order. Alok gets shocked and says how can consignment be wrong. Client says, he is in problem now. Alok says, I don’t know how it happened. Client says, he is rejecting and returning the consignment. Alok is shocked and tensed. Ira asks, how can it be wrong. It doesn’t happen before. Alok says, I don’t know. He starts thinking and says this consignment is delivered by Anoop.

Alok runs to the hall and asks Anoop to keep the phone down. Anoop cuts the call and asks what happened. Alok says, he suffered a loss of 25 lakhs rupees, client loss and his reputation. Anoop asks, what did I do? Alok says, you sent him wrong consignment. Anoop says, your staff did the packing and your supervisor confirmed the order. They argue. Anoop says, I didn’t check as you haven’t ask me. Daddu interferes and asks them to think how to solve the issue. Anoop says, he will pay him the amount.

Anoop talks on phone and asks his friend to arrange 25 lakhs loan. Meenu comes and asks with whom you were talking. Anoop says, he was talking to his friend to get a loan to pay Alok. Meenu asks him not to take Alok’s words on heart. Anoop asks, what did I get in return. I learnt a lesson that I shall think from mind. Nobody cares for emotions. Let me do what I am doing. Daddu asks Alok to keep control on the emotions. Alok says, his anger is justified. Ira says, this is not the right way.

Subhadra says, Anoop should realize his mistake and apologize to Alok. Alok goes to message to his client. Daddu asks Subhadra not to increase their troubles. Subhadra says, why don’t you tell straightly. I will keep my mouth shut. Meenu comes downstairs. Daddu says, Meenu. Meenu says, he is very upset. Amol says, I have an idea to make them happy again. Anandi asks about his idea.

Jagya comes to school to pick Dadisaa. Nandu comes to him. Jagya looks at Dadisaa. All her classmates waves her bye. Nandu smiles. Jagya looks surprised. Nandu says, you made friends in a day. Dadisaa says, I am good at maths. Teacher is impressed with me. Jagya smiles.

Amol signs Anandi that their plan has worked. Anandi is positive about it. Alok and Anoop comes there angrily. .
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Balika Vadhu 12th September 2014 Written Update

Balika Vadhu 12th September 2014 Written Update 

The episode starts with Shiv scolding Subhadra for mixing drugs in Anandi’s prasad. He says, he won’t agree to her sayings. Subhadra starts acting and tells him that initially she didn’t like Anandi but then started liking her. She says, she wished to see their child. Shiv asks, why did you concerned about us. Subhadra says, she met Dayanand vaid who gave her Kolarist Basam to get Anandi pregnant. Shiv scolds her. Subhadra says, she did it for her betterment, to make her mum. Subhadra cries.

Anandi says, you should have told me. Wny you gave me the basam secretly. Subhadra says, she was scared. I thought you will refuse to take the basam. Shiv says, we will decide when to start a family. Who are you to interfere in our personal life? Anandi stops him. Anandi tells her that they have decided not to have children until Amol stands on his feet. Amol needs our love and care. You know this. Subhadra says I know this. I was blinded to see my brother happy.

Shiv says, it is done now. Daddu will decide what to do now. Anandi stops him and tells Subhadra that whatever she has done is against the humanity, their respect and dignity. She says, I can’t forgive you. You risked my life and I kept my family in danger because of the dizziness. If anything have happen to Daddu because of me then I would have died. She tells Shiv not to tell anyone about Subhadra’s doings as it may hurt everyone. She asks him to hide it from all. She convinces him by binding him with a promise. Subhadra looks on cleverly.

Shiv stares Subhadra and agrees for Anandi, Daddu and his family sake. He puts a condition infront of Subhadra. He asks her to take him to Dayanand Vaid. Subhadra agrees and thanks them. Anandi says, not needed. We are doing this for our family and Daddu. Shiv asks her to give that Kolarist basam. She gives it to him. Shiv says it is proof against the fake vaid. Subhadra says, she will come in 1 min and asks them to go. She wipes her tears. Anandi and Shiv go outside. Subhadra thinks Shiv is taking her directly to Dayanand. What will happen if he tells the truth to Shiv. Shiv will not spare me. What to do.

Nandu and Mannu wait for Dadisaa. Gehna says, Dadisaa will come after getting ready. Jagya asks him to sit for a while. He asks Nandu not to laugh on her. Gehna says, she is taking too much time in getting ready. Ganga comes and says her door is still closed. Jagya asks her to call Dadisaa. Dadisaa says, she is coming and opens the door. Everyone see her in uniform and bag. Jagya, Ganga, Gehna, Mannu and Nandu smile seeing her. Gehna gives her tiffin which she keeps in her bag. Nandu smiles.

Jagya says, he will drop her to school. Dadisaa asks, how she is looking. Ganga says, you are looking good. Gehna confirms the same. Nandu laughs on her. Dadisaa gets angry. Gehna makes her eat curd and sugar for the new beginning. Dadisaa gets tensed as the new student. Jagya brings her to school in his car. Dadisaa looks at the school and smiles. Nandu says, he have to go as his class have started. Jagya asks Dadisaa to come.

Dadisaa proceeds towards the school and gets scared. She tells Jagya that she will study at home. Jagya asks her to stay at school for one day and see. Dadisaa says, she will see tomorrow. Jagya says, tomorrow never comes. Why you are delaying this for tomorrow. He asks her to come and holds her. She starts walking and stands outside the classroom. Jagya tells her that teacher is taking attendance. He asks her to go inside. Dadisaa hesitates and gets scared. She looks at a kid and says he is very maughty.

asks her to complain to teacher if any such things happen. He asks her not to worry. She hugs him. Jagya asks her to go. Dadisaa enters the classroom. Everyone get up. Teacher greets her and so are the kids. Teacher asks her to sit on the bench. Some kids laugh at her. Teacher asks them to sit. She asks them to open their books. Dadisaa opens her book and wears glasses. Kids look on.

Teacher writes on the board. Some girl eats gems and offers it to Dadisaa. Dadisaa signs no. Teacher looks at them.
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Balika Vadhu 11th September 2014 Written Update

Balika Vadhu 11th September 2014 Written Update 

The episode starts with Shiv coming home angrily and asks Anandi about Subhadra. He says, their doubt was cleared. Subhadra was giving her drugs. Anandi stops him saying she is worried about Daddu. What will happen to everyone if they come to know the truth. Shiv says, she played with your life. Anandi says, we will talk to her tomorrow. We won’t tell anyone about it. I feel we have to catch her red handed so that she can’t get a chance to make an excuse. Shiv asks, how it will happen. Anandi starts thinking. She recalls feeding the laddoo to Subhadra and she reacted weirdly. She tells Shiv about it.

Saachi gives the presentation to her boss. He says, it is impressive. He says, you will take this company to new heights. Saachi thanks him. He asks her to convince the international client with her presentation and asks her to go to Mumbai. Saachi says she is ready.

Dadisaa decorates Ganesha ji with the jewellery. Nandu smilingly looks on. Nandu asks what to do next. Dadisaa says, we will do the puja and says we shall help Gehna in flower making. Nandu brings Jagya’s Tab and shows it to Dadisaa. He plays a bhagan for Gehna. Gehna starts singing it. Jagya comes home and gets happy. Ganga too smiles. Gehna realizes and gets sad. Everyone go near her. Jagya praises her bhagan singing. He asks Dadisaa to sit. Mannu comes running to Jagya. Jagya gives the uniform, bag, books, compass etc to Dadisaa. Dadisaa sees it and gets happy. Mannu says, he also wants to go to school. Jagya says, yes sure. Nandu says you brought good bag for Dadisaa and simple one for me. He gives instructions to Dadisaa. Dadisaa asks Gehna about the flower mala. She goes to do the puja.

Saachi comes to her room. Vivek asks, don’t you have any work to do. Saachi says no. She tells him that Mr. Mittal wants to send her to Mumbai to convince a client with her presentation. She says, shall I go or requests him to give some time to me. Vivek tells her that decision is taken already. He asks her to go ahead. He asks her to go to Mumbai and prove herself. Saachi smiles and agrees. She thanks him. He hugs her happily.

Subhadra comes to Daddu and gives him prasad, then to everyone. She comes to Anandi and gives the prasad saying you are my favourite. Anandi gets up and says I will make you eat with my hand and asks her to eat the prasad. Subhadra eats it and goes to her room. Anandi and Shiv follow her. Subhadra goes to the washroom and vomits the prasad. She thinks thank God, I vomitted it. She sees Shiv and Anandi there.

Shiv asks, what would have happen today? Subhadra gets shocked. He asks her. Subhadra says nothing. Shiv says, you vomitted the prasad. Subhadra says, she rememebered to have been fasting. Shiv tells her about drugs. Shiv accuses her for mixing drugs in Anandi’s prasad. Subhadra says, how can it be happen? From where will I bring it. May be report is wrong. She tells them that she mixed Kolarist basam in her prasad. Anandi asks, why? Shiv asks her to confess her crime infront of everyone especially Daddu. Subhadra cries and pleads to Shiv saying she wants Anandi to become pregnant. She says, you have Amol, but own blood is own blood only. Daddu wishes to see your own child. Ira wants to see your baby. She lies to them. Shiv says, we all know that how much you loves Anandi. You risked her life.

Anandi says, my life was in danger because of you and I will never forgive you. Shiv asks her to take him to Vaid.
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Balika Vadhu 10th September 2014 Written Update

Balika Vadhu 10th September 2014 Written Update 

The episode starts with Subhadra thinking she didn’t ask Anandi about the test results. No one told her anything about the test results. She thinks she can give prasad to Anandi again and thanks the Lord. She comes to Anandi’s room with laddoo in her hand and calls Anandi. Anandi comes out from bathroom and asks what? Subhadra says, she brought prasad for her and keeps it on the table. Anandi says, she will eat it. Anandi goes to bathroom again.

Jagya tells Dadisaa that you have to get admitted in Nandu’s school to complete her 10th class. Dadisaa says, she will learn in house. Jagya says, we don’t know today’s syllabus that’s why you are needed to go to school. We will help you with home work. I even talked to Nandu’s principal. He called us for an interview. Dadisaa is surprised. Jagya says, you have to come for an interview. Dadisaa gets tensed.

Anandi comes out of the bathroom and wipes her face. She thinks Badi Buaji never forgets to give her prasad. She even gave this prasad when I went to Jaitsar. She is about to eat it and thinks of Doctor’s words that she has to keep an eye on the food items she takes. Anandi thinks she eats this prasad daily inaddition to home made food. She doubts on Subhadra and gets shocked. She thinks she might be wrong. She thinks to get the prasad tested in lab.

Nandu tells Mannu to hide while they were playing. Nandu starts counting. Mannu hides. Dadisaa and Gehna smiles. Nandu sees Mannu and asks him to search him. Mannu plays the game then and searches for Nandu. Nandu hides. Mannu sees the harmonica and says we will play. Gehna and Dadisaa goes to the storeroom. Nandu and Mannu play it. Gehna is shocked. Nandu tells her that they were playing it. Ganga comes there. Dadisaa says, this harmonium is of your mother’s. Nandu gets happy. Gehna is silent. Ganga asks her. Nandu asks her to sing one song. Ganga insists. Gehna calls Makhan Kaka and asks him to give it in Anandi’s school. Nandu gets sad. Dadisaa asks Makhan Kaka to let it be here. Dadisaa tells them that she is responsible for Gehna’s bitterness for harmonium.

Shiv gets the lab report of the prasad and gets shocked.

Jagya and Dadisaa come to the school for her admission. Dadisaa is happy to see the school. They meet the principal. He asks them to sit. He says, he was surprised and felt Jagya was joking. Dadisaa says, she wished to pass class 10th exam. Principal says, there is no age limit to study. You will become an educated person after passing the exam. Jagya says, you have to come in school uniform with bag.

Dadisaa asks about tiffin box. Principal asks her to treat herself as a student. He asks him to see the school to take a decision. He shows the class to Dadisaa. Principal tells teacher that they have come to take admission in class. Teacher asks about the student. Principal tells her that Dadisaa is a student. Kids laugh at her. Principal appreciates her for her effort. Teacher assures for full support.

Dadisaa looks at naughty kids and imagines herself. Teacher says, we will wait for you. Dadisaa thinks these kids are of her grand children’s age. Jagya goes out. Principal asks her to come in her normal dress. Dadisaa refuses and says she will wear the uniform. She says, she will come to school tomorrow. Principal says ok.

Daddu is seen cutting Papaya. Anandi asks him why is he cutting the papaya. He says, he is cutting it for Subhadra as her stomach is upset. Anandi offers to cut it. Daddu says, he will do it. Anandi insists so he gives the plate. Anandi thinks Daddu loves Subhadra very much. What will happen if it is proved that she is giving me drugs. How can he tolerate that.

Shiv comes home and says badi buaji is giving you drugs. Shiv says, I am getting so much anger today. Anandi stops him and says we have to catch her red handed. Shiv asks how?
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Balika Vadhu 9th September 2014 Written Update

Balika Vadhu 9th September 2014 Written Update 

The episode starts with Dadisaa recalling a person asking her to do the justice regarding the refund of fees. She thinks of jagya’s words that she did a mistake by taking out venom from Gehna’s leg. She recalls Anandi asking her to attend the school. Then recalls Gehna’s words. She thinks she did a mistake by not completing her education.

Daddu tells Anandi, will Shiv bring the reports? Anandi says yes. Ira says, I am sure that nothing will be detected in the grains. Anandi says, even can’t be detected in the samosas. Shiv comes home and tells them that they didn’t find anything in house grain and samosa. Anoop says, then how could cocaine get in her blood then. Daddu says, today her behavior is normal. Meenu wonders what anandi is eating unknowingly. shiv says, they will take Narcoanalyst help. Anandi says, when we have to go. Shiv says now.

Dadisaa comes to Jagya and Ganga. She looks at Nandu’s book. Jagya asks, are you searching something. Dadisaa asks him the procedure to get admission in school. Jagya asks, who needs the admission. Dadisaa says, she wants to get admitted in school. Nandu gets shocked and so is Jagya and Ganga. Dadisaa says, she wants to study further and will complete 10th class. Jagya asks, how did you get this idea. She tells him about the man asking her to help him. She says, she can help everyone by educating herself. I have decided to give 10th class test and will pass too. Nandu gets excited. jagya says he will talk to the principal.
Shiv and Anandi come to Narcoanalyst doctor. She says, she is consuming coccaine since many days. She asks her to remember what she is eating. Anandi says, she had just outside samosas. Doctor asks her to make list to get the source of cocaine. She prescribes some medicines for her.

Nandu makes Bhairavi eat food. Gehna gets touched by his gesture. nandu says, he will feed his sister. Gehna says, she is done with all the work and says she will make him eat with her hands. Nandu asks her to eat.

Saachi is working and asks him to sleep. Vivek says, he can’t get sleep without her. She says, you are now a husband of a working woman and says she is working on her presentation. Vivek says ok and go to sleep. Saachi feels sleepy while working. Vivek gets up.

Gehna comes to her room and sees the kids sleeping. She makes them sleep properly and blesses Nandu. She looks at her husband’s photo and gets emotional.

vivek brings coffee for her. Saachi thanks him and calls herself lucky. Anandi gets uncomfortable while sleeping and wakes up. Shiv wakes up and asks what happened. Anandi says, she is getting restless. Shiv gives her water. Shiv says, it is reverse symptoms and asks her to relax. He calms her down. Anandi says, something is happening to her and hugs Shiv. She cries. Shiv says, he is with her and asks her to relax. He makes her sleep on his shoulder.

next morning Anandi wakes up and sees Shiv. She says sorry. Shiv says, I am happy that you slept well. Don’t panic and be relax. He asks her to smile to relieve her tiredness. Anandi smiles and hugs her. Shiv says, she will bring tea. Anandi insists to make tea. Shiv agrees.

jagya tells Dadisaa that he talked to Nandu’s school principal and asks her to come for an interview. Dadisaa gets tensed. . 
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Balika Vadhu 8th September 2014 Written Update

Balika Vadhu 8th September 2014 Written Update 

Outside BH in jeep :-

DS takes Gehna inside and instructs MK to look after the kids and catch the snake , N says that he will come too but DS says NO , who will support M , Ab (Abhimanyu) and B (Bhairavi) ?
The jeep leaves while MK is with N who’s crying .

On the way / Hospital :-

DS tells Gehna not to sleep , she calls J and informs him that a snake bit Gehna and narrates everything with FBs . J is shocked , DS says that she’s bringing Gehna to hospital , J asks why did you do it ? By movement , the danger can increase ! DS says she didn’t knew that .

J says her to bring Gehna soon while he makes the arrangements .

Hospital :-

Gehna is made to lie on stretcher , G & DS accompany her while J is there too . Suddenly DS feels dizzy , G rushes to her . DS says she sucked out the poison .

ICU :-

The next moment both Gehna and DS are unconscious and receiving treatment , the atmosphere is fully tensed up . The Staff waits outside . J gives an injection to DS .

DS opens her eyes and asks about Gehna , G says Gehna is in sleep but she is out of danger . JaGan say that she made them really scared . J informatively says DS that she shouldn’t made Gehna to move as it can be dangerous and says the bitten part shouldn’t be held up as poison will spread in whole body and adds that the wound could’ve been infected as DS sucked out blood with her mouth which contains bacteria .

DS says she didn’t knew all this , she is relieved that everyone are alright and says that she must find out whether the snake is caught or not ? J calls MK who informs that with the help of few men , the snake is caught .

DS is astonished and asks they killed the snake ? J says no , they left it in the jungle .

KB , Clinic :-

A asks the doc about the reports , doc gives it to her . A sees it and the report “Cocaine test” . Doc says that by the test he found out that there’s cocaine present in her blood . A is shocked , doc asks did she recently took any drugs or any intoxicating thing ?

BH :-

Everyone are back , G brings water , DS asks MK about kids , he says Ab and B are asleep upstairs while N and M are together . DS is really concerned about Gehna and makes her sit comfortably . Gehna says that she shouldn’t be worried about her as she is stable .

DS says but she isn’t and says everyone in this house needs her very much including herself . Gehna says that she will never leave them and go anywhere . N comes to Gehna , he hugs her and cries . When he’s asked to leave Gehna , he says he wont leave her as she will also leave like his dad left them .

Gehna says she will never ever leave him and this is a known fact that even Basant is aware of it .


KB :-

Everyone are present , CM asks A how its possible to get cocaine traces in A’s blood . Daddu says he cant believe it . Alok says the reports are accurate but even A cant be accused of doing drugs .

Shiv comes there , he tells them its not the time to worry , its the find to find out that from where drugs entered in A’s body . He asks whether she eats anything from outside ? A says he knows she doesn’t like outside food , she only eats samosas from a shop , that too sometimes . Shiv says that the samosas and our house flour will be tested to know the truth . AnSh leave.

Dayanand’s shop :-

The quack (dayanand) is selling ‘medicine’ to someone , DB comes there hiding her face , the quack thinks oh here comes the old lady , i must do some new drama to fool her .

As he sees DB , he ferofies his face , DB asks why he did that ? DN (Quack) says that he only sells his medicines to those who have faith in his treatment and here her DIL (A) is being sent to clinic to detect the illness .

DB says it wasn’t in her hands but she trusts him and tells him to give 4-5 packets of ‘kolarisht basm’ . He gives her .

On the way :-

A asks Shiv whether they are doing right by accusing such a famous and well known shop ? Shiv says they aren’t accusing , they will enter there like normal customers , buy samosas and send them to lab for test .


BH , Gehna’s room :-

Gehna is in bed , she is coughing violently . N rushes and gives her water . N tells her lie down , Gehna says she cant lie in bed , she has many chores to do and also should do her accounting work and adds she is alright now .

N isn’t ready to listen and says no , he said she wont do anything and that’s final . DS comes there , she supports N and says he’s not doing anything wrong as she really needs rest . DS says J is vidayak , G look afters the hospital , Gehna took the accounting work , only she’s left who does nothing except idling .

Gehna tells her not to talk like this as whatever they are now its because of her efforts . DS tells Gehna to rest , she goes and gazes at Gehna .

VO :-

When a successful person is left without work , depression makes them to lose confidence in themselves .

Precap :-
BH :-
DS is teary eyed , she says with full josh that she wants to be useful for something .
KB :-
Shiv says that there’s no cocaine present in the tests and it shows negative results , Daddu wonders and says then how cocaine entered A’s body ?
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