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Balika Vadhu 28th August 2014 Written Update

Balika Vadhu 28th August 2014 Written Update
The episode starts with Ira bringing tea for Daddu and Subhadra. Subhadra tells her that she is very happy today as Anandi is coming. She gets Vaid’s call. She thinks why did I give my number to him. She disconnects the call. He calls again. Daddu asks her to give the phone. Subhadra picks the calls and goes away. She asks him why did you call me? He says I made new medicines. Subhadra says she will call him when needed. She awaits for Anandi so that she can feed her drugs.

Gauri comes to the hospital to meet Jagya and thinks to wait in his cabin. He sees his photo frame in his cabin and caresses it. She says I will confess my feelings to you today. She says Anandi came in between us. Her behavior seems strange. Why she interfere in home matters and why she takes Ganga’s side. Ganga listens to her. Gauri continues that it is good that Anandi left. Ganga thinks she can’t tell anything to Gauri. She greets her. Gauri asks her about Jagya. Ganga tells her that he will return in the evening. Gauri leaves from his cabin and thinks she didn’t get a chance to express her feelings to Jagat. Ward boys places dadisaa’s family photo pics in the wall. Gauri doesn’t see it and leaves in an auto.

Daddu asks Shiv, when Anandi is coming. Shiv says he didn’t get her reply. Anoop and Alok pull his leg and laugh. Ira supports Shiv. Anandi comes back home. Everyone is happy. Anandi takes everyone blessings. Shiv asks how are you? Anandi says she is absolutely fine. Subhadra tells her that she missed her very much and asks her not to go to her mayka often. Subhadra says we will celebrate Gajra Chaturdashi. Anandi is surprised. Meenu makes an excuse that they didn’t celebrate last year. Daddu asks, when we had celebrated last year. Alok says, we haven’t. Subhadra says we will celebrate it happily. Ira tells Anandi that they want to check on Subhadra and that’s why acting.

Ganga tells Jagya that she got tired after surgery that’s why came home in nurse uniform. She asks him, are you fine. Jagya says he is fine. He gets up from bed and tells her that he loves her a lot. Ganga says, I can see in your eyes. They have a hug.

Gauri writes love letter for Jagya and then thinks to confess her feelings directly to Jagya. She proceeds towards his room. Jagya holds Ganga’s face and is about to kiss her. Gauri opens the door and sees them together. She gets shocked and calls Ganga. Jagya and Ganga are shocked too. She shouts Ganga, how dare you. She holds her hand and asks her to leave the house. Jagya tells her that listen to him once. Gauri says, you are betraying your family. Jagya shouts it is enough. You said much. Don’t tell anything against my wife. She is my wife. I married her. Gauri is shocked. Dadisaa and Gehna come out and hears everything. Dadisaa tells that this shouldn’t have happen.

Shiv comes to his room and signs Anandi to come outside. Subhadra comes to her room and opens the laddoo box. She puts the drugs inside the laddoo. She puts extra medicines and thinks to see its effect on Anandi. She thinks Anandi will eat special prasad before Gajra Chaturdashi and then…………….

Gauri gets hysterical and breaks the things in her room. Jagya knocks on the door. Gauri cries badly recalling Jagya’s words. Jagya asks her to open the door. She opens the door. Jagya tells her that he wants to talk to her. Gauri says, it doesn’t make a difference now. Jagya says he doesn’t want to hide his marriage with her, but Shivani hide it and then they have to continue acting. Gauri says she don’t want to listen.

Anandi asks Shiv to put Gajra on her hairs and says you are very good Shiv. I love you Shiv. Everyone look on surprised.
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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Balika Vadhu 27th August 2014 Written Update

Balika Vadhu 27th August 2014 Written Update 

The episode starts with Anandi and Ganga seeing Gauri proceeding towards havan. Anandi goes to her and asks about dohe. She says we will go and see. Gauri says, we will do after the havan. Anandi tells her that Jagya told havan’s flames are dangerous for her skin. Gauri thinks Jagya cares for her and goes to the kitchen. Ganga sits for puja. Panditji asks Nandu to do the ahuti and asks Jagya to hold his hand. Nandu does the ahuti for his father’s soul.

Gauri tells Anandi that Dohe is ready. She is about to go outside. Anandi stops her again. Gauri says, she will see the havan from a distance. Anandi follows her. Ganga sees Gauri coming and gets up. Panditji asks her to sit as it is inauspicious to leave before aarti. Ganga sits and covers her head with a veil. Gauri and Anandi come. Panditji asks everyone to stand up for aarti. Nandu gives the aarti to everyone. Ganga is about to go, but collides with Gauri. She leaves. Anandi asks Gauri to take the aarti.

Jagya recalls Ganga getting tensed and covering her head. He tells Ganga that he can’t see her roaming in the house like a thief and hiding the truth. He tells her that he will tell the truth to Gauri. Ganga reminds him the promise. Jagya says he can’t agree but……..he leaves.

Anandi says sorry I didn’t eat the prasad yesterday so eating two laddoos today. She is about to eat, just then she gets Subhadra’s call. Subhadra says she will call her later and reminds her to eat the prasad. Gehna comes and tells Anandi about the dal in the cooker. Anandi goes to the kitchen.

Shiv makes Amol ready to go to school. Amol laughs and says this is my PT shows. He says, you don’t know anything about me. Shiv says I know but sometimes I do mistakes. Please don’t tell your mom. Amol asks him to bring burger. Shiv agrees.

Ganga looks for Mannu and sees him in the hall. She goes to him and takes him in her arms. Gauri asks, what are you doing here and scolds her. Anandi asks what happened. Gauri tells Anandi that Ganga was going to Jagat’s room. Jagya tells her that he asked Gauri to come to his room with reports. Gauri asks her to show the reports. Ganga and Jagya are shocked. Ganga says she forgot it in the hospital. Jagya says I will check it in the hospital. Jagya tells Gauri not to trouble herself and asks her to rest. Gauri leaves.

Anandi asks Jagya, who gave the right to Gauri to involve in unconcerned matters. Jagya says he agrees. Anandi asks, is there any other way out to help Gauri. We have to save Gauri from being insulted daily. She don’t say anything but she is pained. She asks him to do something. Gauri listens to Anandi talking to Jagya and thinks how can she talk with him like this as if she has a right on him.

Shiv brings Amol to have burger and chocoshake. Amol says, shall we tell maa that we are partying. Shiv says ok. Amol calls Anandi and tells her that they are partying. Shiv takes the call and says he gave small treat to Amol. Amol pulls his leg. Anandi laughs. Shiv disconnects the call.

Anandi teaches Nandu and goes to make tea. Ganga calls Nandu. Nandu tells her that Gauri is not here and asks her to come. Ganga goes inside her room. Anandi sees her coming. Later Anandi packs her bags and decides to leave. Dadisaa asks her why you are leaving suddenly. Anandi tells her that she is pained to see Ganga going through the same pain. Ganga asks her not to worry. Anandi says, I know that everyone can’t do what you are doing. Dadisaa says you are going because of these happenings at home. Anandi says, I have to go anyways but……..I will leave. She hugs Dadisaa, Gehna and Ganga. Anandi leaves.

Jagya tells Ganga that he loves her a lot. Gauri sees Jagya and Ganga in a romantic state and gets shocked. She calls Ganga.
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Balika Vadhu 26th August 2014 Written Update

Balika Vadhu 26th August 2014 Written Update 

The episode starts with Alok, Anoop, Ira and Meenu making fun of Subhadra. Meenu says she passed the test as she proved that she has changed. Ira says, she got angry and is just pretending. Meenu says, she controlled her anger. Ira says, she is igniting from inside and there will a blast soon. She will appear in her old avatar infront of us. Anoop says lets see. Alok says, we will remember this moment.

Dadisaa looks at Anandi who is lying on the bed. She wakes her up. Anandi smiles and wakes up. She calls her Dadisaa. Dadisaa gets surprised to see her smiling without any reason. She asks her what happened to you. Anandi says, she is very happy today. She puts hand around her neck. Dadisaa is much surprised. Anandi says, my Dadisaa is very lovely. She kisses and hugs her. Dadisaa senses something is wrong with her.

Saachi informs Ira and family that she is doing a job. Subhadra asks, what is the need. You shall sit at home and take care of house responsibilities. Ira signs Meenu. Subhadra sees them and changes her track. She says, you shall think about your home. Saachi says, her family insist her to do the job. Subhadra blesses her. Saachi thanks her. Meenu signs Ira.

Dadisaa recalls Anandi’s conversation with Gauri and her. She gets worried. Anandi brings Kachori for Dadisaa and says it is made by Taisaa. She talks nonstop and asks her to eat it. Dadisaa says she will eat later. Anandi makes her eat forcibly. Gehna and Ganga look surprisingly.

Later Anandi comes to Ganga’s room and asks where are you going. Ganga says she is going to hospital for urgent work. Anandi says Jagya is at home. She says you are going because of Gauri. Ganga says, everything will be fine soon. Anandi says we shall be together soon. You have to attend the havan. Ganga asks how? Anandi asks her to get ready as she will come to take her. Ganga nods.

Vivek asks Saachi about his socks. Saachi is lost in thoughts. Vivek asks, what is going on in your mind. Saachi says nothing. She says she is thinking about job as she is doubtful that she can’t handle home and work together. She tells him that she feels against working. Vivek says I am happy to see your concerned for maa. He asks her not to lose an opportunity and says I wants you to have a new identity. Saachi smiles and goes to bring the socks.

Panditji lights the diya. He asks everyone to come near the havan for puja. Anandi looks at Gauri and signs Jagya. Anandi asks Gauri to help her with prasad. Gauri says yes. Anandi says we will return after distributing the prasad. Anandi thinks she haven’t eaten buaji’s prasad and thinks to eat it later. Ganga wonders where is Anandi? Gauri tells Anandi that they will put prasad. Anandi goes to ask Gehna.

Meenu tells Ira that Buaji is coming. Ira calls the shopkeeper and asks him to send 2 kgs Mogra flower. Subhadra asks, have you ordered it for the neighbours too. Ira tells her about Gajra Chaturdashi. Meenu explains her further. Subhadra is shocked to know that men of the house make gajra’s for their wives. Subhadra says she didn’t know. They leave for market. Subhadra checks the book about Gajra Chaturdashi. She calls her friends and asks them about Gajra Chaturdashi. They say that they are unaware. Subhadra goes on asking her friends and thinks she has to learn this from Ira and Meenu.

Gulli tells everyone that she is not aware of Gajra Chaturdashi. They laugh. Anoop says, they are just checking Subhadra’s reaction. Ira says, we wants to see if she has really changed. Meenu says we have bet. Hardik says, we will double the bet. I will also give treat. Everyone laugh.

Anandi comes to Ganga and asks her to come. Gauri wonders where is Anandi and thinks to attend the havan first. Anandi and Ganga come downstairs. They see Gauri coming there and get tensed.

Anandi asks Jagya, who gave the right to Gauri to speak regarding unrelated matters. Jagya says, he understands and accepts. Anandi says, don’t we have any other way out to save Ganga from being insulted daily. She asks Jagya to do something. Gauri hears them.
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Balika Vadhu 25th August 2014 Written Update

Balika Vadhu 25th August 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Daddu and Alok coming to Subhadra’s room. Subhadra says, she will be coming for dinner. Daddu says, I am confused. Don’t know what to do. We thought you are changed, but you have proved yourself. Subhadra asks, what is the matter? Daddu asks her why did you go to that vaid who sells drugs. Subhadra refuses to go anywhere. Alok says, I saw you there. If you refused to went there then we will go and get the info from him. Subhadra wonders what to do and thinks of an idea. Daddu scolds her and says these type of drugs can worsen your condition. Subhadra thanks Lord in her heart. She says sorry. She cooks up a fake story that she is taking that medicines for her itching problem of leg.

Daddu asks her to give the powder and says he will throw it in the dustbin. Subhadra says, she will return the medicine and take back the money. She thinks that drug is helping her in maligning Anandi’s image. Anandi have to eat it daily.

Anandi gives tea to Dadisaa. Dadisaa drinks it. She says, your hand made tea is tasty. Anandi gets Subhadra’s call. Subhadra says, she is missing her and asks her if she is eating Prasad’s laddoo. Anandi says, will eat soon. Subhadra tells her that she kept a mannat for her happiness. Anandi says, she will eat it. Subhadra asks her to message her once she eats the laddoo. Anandi says ok. Anandi gives the call to Dadisaa. Subhadra pretends to be good and consoles her for Basant’s death. Dadisaa says, I understand. Subhadra says, I liked naturopathy course. She disconnects the call. Anandi praises Subhadra and says she kept a mannat for me. Dadisaa thinks something is fishy.

Subhadra anxiously waits for Anandi’s message. Alok and Anoop come back after shopping. Subhadra asks, what is in the bags. Anoop says we brought gifts for our respective wives. Subhadra gets excited. Ira and Meenu come there. Alok and Anoop give the gifts. Alok asks Ira to check the gift in the room. Subhadra asks them to wear the gifted sarees.

Anandi comes to the room and cleans it. Gehna calls her. She gets a message from Subhadra about prasad. Anandi eats the laddoo and messages her. Subhadra tells Alok and Anoop that she is missing Anandi. Ira and Meenu comes wearing salwar kameez. Subhadra gets shocked while their respective husbands couldn’t keep their eyes off them.

Subhadra pretends to be surprised and happy. Alok and Anoop say wow. Ira says, how we will go infront of Daddu. Anoop says come on. Meenu says, buaji is also here naa. Alok says, buaji won’t feel bad. Subhadra says, she likes it. She thinks don’t come infront of me.

Gehna makes the list for havan. Dadisaa says, we shall make the preparations till evening. Dadisaa asks about Ganga. Gehna says, she is giving bath to Abhi. Gauri is going to Jagya’s room. Dadisaa tells her that he left for hospital. Gauri gets sad and thinks she missed to confess her feelings. Anandi comes and asks her, how is her life going on? Gauri says she works in the hospital. Anandi says, we do social service. Gauri asks her about Shiv. Anandi says, he is my super hero. He saved me at our first meeting. He impressed me. She praises Shiv a lot. Dadisaa and Gehna look on surprisingly.

Anandi says, she is lucky to have Shiv and have started living her life with Shiv. She asks her to start her new life afresh. She says, you will lead a happy life once you get married and have children. She asks her to forget the past and write new chapter of her life, then this life will look like a heaven to you. Gauri gets happy and hugs her. Dadisaa is shocked.

Ganga thinks how will Anandi take me to havan as Gauri is there. Anandi comes to Ganga and takes her to havan. They see Gauri there and get shocked.             
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Balika Vadhu 23rd August 2014 Written Update

Balika Vadhu 23rd August 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Amol giving prasad to Anandi and says Subhadra gave it for her. Before Anandi could take it from his hand, the prasad falls from his hand. Anandi picks it. Amol apologizes to her. Anandi says, Subhadra won’t say anything. Amol says, will you eat it. Anandi asks him about hygiene. Amol says, it is not good to eat it. Anandi asks him to keep it for the birds. Amol says ok.

Anandi comes and apologizes to Ira. Ira says it’s ok. Daddu asks Anandi to make tea for him after two hours. Anandi says ok. Subhadra thinks Anandi is behaving fine and thinks to questions Amol. Daddu gets Dadisaa’s call. She greets him. Daddu says, we shall meet soon. Dadisaa asks him to give the call to Anandi. Anandi greets her. Dadisaa says she is fine and tells her about the havan for Basant’s barsi. Anandi says, barsi happens only after a year naa. Dadisaa says, yes. I wish to have it now and invites Anandi. Anandi says, she will come today itself. She disconnects the call. Shiv asks what happened.

Anandi tells him that Dadisaa kept Basant’s death anniversary as she doesn’t want kids to be sad. Ira asks Shiv, will you go with Anandi. Shiv says, he can’t come. Anandi says, she can understand. Daddu says driver will drop you. Subhadra thinks how she will eat my special prasad in Jaitsar and thinks to do something.

Gehna brings breakfast for Jagya and Ganga. Ganga asks her why you brought it here. Gehna says so that you both can have food together. Gehna tells about her day at godown. Dadisaa comes and calls Gehna. Ganga tells her that she was asking about her day at work. Dadisaa praises Gehna. Jagya says, now you have realized her worth. Dadisaa asks them to have breakfast fast and closes the door.

Jagya looks at Ganga. He sits to have breakfast. They make each other have curd and smiles. Shiv hugs Anandi. Subhadra comes to her room and gives drugs laddoo to Anandi. She asks her not to give the laddoo to anyone else as it is mannat’s laddoo. Anandi tells Shiv that Buaji has changed. Shiv says yes.

Gauri checks her phone and looks smilingly at Jagya and her photo. She reminiscences the time spent with him and gets happy. She thinks why her past days can’t come back. She writes romantic message for Jagya and is about to send it, but just then she falls. Anandi comes and saves her. Gauri asks, how did you come here? Anandi says sorry and says I didn’t recognize you. Gauri says, this is my new face given to me by Jagya. Anandi tells her about Basant’s death anniversary. Gauri asks her about her marital life. Anandi says she is very happy. Gauri apologizes to her. Anandi says, she is happy for Jagya too. Gehna comes and hugs her. They greet each other. Gehna takes her inside.

Subhadra comes to Vaid and tells him that the drugs is not showing much effects. He says, it is not a magic. Subhadra gives him much money. He gives other drugs and says it is dangerous if you give her more quantity. Subhadra thinks she wants that only. Alok sees Subhadra with vaid and wonders what she is doing with him. Subhadra sits in an auto and leaves. Alok thinks to confront the vaid, but then thinks to talk to Daddu.

Anandi hugs Dadisaa. Dadisaa gets happy and says where were you? Anandi says, I met Gauri. Gehna tells her that Anandi was about to tell Gauri about Jagya. Anandi asks, what? Dadisaa tells her that Jagya told us that Gauri’s condition is sensitive. We hide his marriage with Ganga. Gauri thinks Ganga is nurse and we kept her for her care. Anandi asks, why did you do it? Ganga comes and says she agreed for the same. Jagya still holds himself responsible for Gauri’s condition. He condition is improving you. She will go home soon. Anandi appreciates her for her doings and also praises her.

Anandi asks Gauri to give a chance to life and then this world will appear like a heaven to you. Dadisaa and Gehna look surprised. Anandi hugs Gauri.
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Balika Vadhu 22nd August 2014 Written Update

Balika Vadhu 22nd August 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Dadisaa getting angry on Gauri for insulting Ganga. Jagya asks, why didn’t you tell me. He says I will talk to her. Ganga stops him and asks what you will ask her. Jagya says, she doesn’t have any right to speak badly with you. Her thinking about you is wrong. Ganga asks him what he will say when she asks him about her. Jagya says, I will inform her that you are my wife. Ganga says, what will happen if her health deteriorates. Jagya says he can’t bear her insult. Ganga says I am bearing her every day. I can’t bear anymore. Dadisaa looks on pained.

Ganga says, she stops herself for Gauri’s well being. Gauri told that to a nurse and not Jagya’s wife. Dadisaa looks at her with surprise. All of us have accepted this responsibility. She requests them to control their emotions until Gauri go back home. Dadisaa tells her that she saw a good human in the land. She hugs her. She asks Jagya to make sure that Gauri go back to her house.

Subhadra is cleaning the house. Shiv asks, why you are doing this. Anandi brings tea and behaves weirdly. Shiv is shocked. Anandi asks Shiv to bring pizza for Amol and her. Shiv asks, why not for everyone. Anandi says, something is special. She tells in his ear that she wants to live fully and wants to eat pizza. Subhadra looks at her and thinks she will lower her respects soon in everyone’s eyes.

Saachi removes Suman’s bandage. Roshan and Rakhi look on. Saachi wipes her hands and asks Suman to move her fingers a little. Suman says she is fine. Vivek comes home. Suman praises Saachi for her recovery. Rakhi says credit goes to only bhabhi. Vivek brings sweets. Suman makes her eat it and tells that they have decided that she has to attend the interview. Saachi says, she don’t want to work. Suman says, she will take care of home and asks her to accept her decision. Saachi agrees. Roshan says we are with you. Saachi thanks her and makes everyone eat the sweets.

Dadisaa comes to godown with Gehna. Labourers greet them. Munim Ji comes and greets them. Labourers asks Munimji about their salary. Dadisaa assures that they will get it today. Munimji tells about PF. Dadisaa asks him to get the calculation book. Labourer says Munim ji is not able to understand the calculation then how can she? Dadisaa says, she will take care of everything. Dadisaa explains to them that a woman can do anything. She asks Gehna to take up the responsibility.

Gehna checks the balance sheet. Munimji gets tensed. Gehna calculates and asks him to call the labourers. She pays their salaries. Labourers get happy as they got more money. Gehna tells them that she gave them extra money to get their home repaired. Munimji tells them that she came to know about their loan request. They thank her and leaves. Dadisaa feels proud of her.

Anandi asks Amol about his science book. Shiv comes and gives Pizza to Amol. He says, you brought it for Amol and yourself, but sorry I got it for everyone. Amol calls everyone. Anandi is shocked. Shiv asks, what happened? Anandi asks, did something happening to me. Are you seeing a change in my behavior. I don’t know. Shiv says, something have changed which I can’t understand. I feel like living with two Anandi. Anandi gets tensed. Shiv says, may be it is happening because of stress and tells her that everything will be fine.

Subhadra takes the drugs from the vaid. Alok sees Subhadra with the vaid and wonders what she is doing with him. .
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Thursday, 21 August 2014

Balika Vadhu 21st August 2014 Written Update

Balika Vadhu 21st August 2014 Written Update
The episode starts with Ganga massaging Dadisaa’s legs. Dadisaa says, you are massaging my legs after a long time. Ganga apologizes to her and says she is busy taking care of Gauri. Dadisaa asks her to sleep. Gauri sees Ganga with Dadisaa.

Saachi is cooking in kitchen. Suman offers to help her. Saachi says you needs rest. Suman agrees. She asks her to make her taste the dish. Suman tastes and says it is good. Saachi thanks her. Rakhi brings an envelope and says it is for you Bhabhi. Saachi tells them that it is an interview call. She applied job when she used to stay in Payal’s outhouse. Suman asks, do you want to work. Saachi says, I got a job, this house is my priority and my full time job. Suman cries. Saachi asks what happened. Suman says nothing. I am getting angry on myself. She apologizes to her. Saachi asks her to forget the past happenings and looks forward to future.

Gauri brings tea for Dadisaa. Dadisaa wakes up and thinks she is Ganga. She says, I asked you to take rest for sometime. She is shocked to see Gauri. Gauri says, she thought to have tea with her. Dadisaa asks her to sit. Dadisaa drinks the tea and asks did Ganga made it. Gauri says yes. She tells Dadisaa that she saw Ganga massaging her legs. Dadisaa asks, what do you wants to say. Gauri says, she is confused about Ganga. I mean she is a nurse. Take care of the family, massages your legs! Why? Why she is working for you all. Dadisaa says, this is village. People work for love and not for money. She asks her to drink tea. Dadisaa looks at her.

Jagya comes home. Gauri calls him and asks him to come. He asks what do you wants to talk. Gauri says, she wants to talk to Ganga. She tells that you people think Ganga is innocent and works for everyone selflessly. She says, Ganga is a opportunist and she is making everyone dependent on her. She wants to get money from you. Jagya is shocked. Gauri says, why Ganga is wearing Ghagra on her duty too. Jagya says, it has a reason also. She helps Taisaa in kitchen and I asked her to come in formal clothes. Gauri asks, why she works in this house without any motive. Jagya gets angry but controls himself recalling Doctor’s words. Gauri apologizes to him and says she strongly feels that something is wrong with Ganga.

Subhadra gets plates to the kitchen and says she will wash it. Ira says, she will wash it. Meenu brings other plates. Ira says, she will wash. Subhadra tells them that she will keep inside. She acts goody with them. Meenu tells Ira to accept that she is changed. Ira says, truth is something else.

Dadisaa is talking on phone when Gehna comes and gives her tea. Dadisaa stops her and tells her that she has to go with her to the godown to take care of its responsibilities. Gehna says, Nandu’s exam is commencing soon and says we will go after the exams. Dadisaa asks her to sit and explains to her that house work will always be there. She asks, are you ready to take up the responsibility. Gehna says, she is worried and thinks what will happen if anything wrong happens. Dadisaa says, you are not alone. We are with you. She tells her that she had to work when her children was small.

Ganga comes to Gauri and apologizes to her saying I got late. She looks at the tablets. Gauri says, she kept the tablets inside. Ganga says, I will take care of you. Gauri rudely thanks her and says she wants her to join hospital duty. Ganga says, this decision should be left to Jagya. Gauri says, she will talk to him and asks Jagya to pay something extra. Ganga is shocked and says she is thinking her wrong. This is my work. It will be good if you gets well soon.

Gauri says, your husband might be missing you and you don’t want to go. Ganga says, she wants to live life like before. Gauri says, you are trying to get closer to Jagya and his family and that’s why don’t want to go home. Ganga is shocked. Gauri says, you think I am a fool. I can understand your position. Ganga is shocked. Gauri continues with her crap and asks Ganga not to fall for Jagya. She says, I am doing this for your betterment and one day you will remember me thinking I saved you. Ganga is shocked and hurt.

Amol calls everyone and tells that Papa brought pizza. Shiv asks Anandi, what is it. Anandi asks, do you find difference in me. Shiv says, I feel like living with two Anandi’s. Anandi is shocked
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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Balika Vadhu 20th August 2014 Written Update

Balika Vadhu 20th August 2014 Written Update 

The episode starts with Ganga thinking about Gauri’s words that she always loved Jagya. She imagines Jagya and Gauri’s pic instead of their pic. She prays to Devimaa and asks why she is doing this. Gauri still loves Jagya. she will be pain when she comes to know the truth. She says, Jagya have gone far from her. I can’t tell her the truth. I don’t want to hide anything from her. I wants to do something for her.

Vivek asks Suman to eat something. Suman says, she don’t want to eat. Saachi insists and asks Vivek to tell the doctor that he was right. Suman agrees to have food. Roshan smiles. Suman says, you are very stubborn and loving. She blesses her. Roshan asks Saachi to sit. Saachi makes her eat the food. Saachi says, she will stay with her tonight. Suman asks her not to be trouble. Saachi says, I am like your daughter. Ira calls Saachi and then talks to Suman. Suman praises Saachi. Ira gets happy and says I am relieved. Suman praises Saachi very much. Ira cuts the call.

Jagya comes to his room. Ganga is sad. Jagya asks, what happened? Ganga nods no. She tells about her fear indirectly. Jagya asks, what happened. Ganga asks, did you even think about your and Gauri’s life. Jagya says, I thought but everytime I thanked the Lord for my better life. I got you as my wife. He says, nothing is more than her. Ganga says, I knows but…..Jagya says, we will overcome this problem together. He apologizes to her and assures that everything will be fine.

Meenu keeps the plates on the table. Amol tells them that Hardik went for swimming. Anandi asks everyone to have breakfast. She tells Ira and Meenu that you are competing with Buaji today. Subhadra asks Anandi. Did you eat the prasad. Anandi says yes. Subhadra looks at glass plates and asks will I eat in this. Meenu brings brass plate for her. Subhadra asks, where are other plates. Anandi says, we like to eat in glass plate. Ira says, nothing is like that. Daddu asks her to bring brass plates for everyone. Subhadra says it is ok.

Suman tells Vivek that Saachi does my head massages and styled my hair. Vivek says, you are very lucky maa. She didn’t give me head massage yet. Saachi says, I was busy when he asked me. Saachi says sorry and says she will massage his head. Vivek says he has to go to court now. He leaves in a hurry. Saachi laughs.

Ira makes Pakodas for buaji. She says, Subhadra wants to eat it. Meenu says, she will make tea. Ira tells Meenu that she can’t accept that buaji can changed and feel that she is acting. Meenu says, she has changed. Ira says, anyone can’t change his nature. Meenu speaks other wise.

Shiv comes back from office. Anandi informs him that Subhadra started eating in glass plates and says it has proved that she has changed. She calls her Dogri. Shiv is shocked. He tells her that he is surprised to hear such word from her. Anandi is speechless. Shiv says we will talk later. Anandi leaves.

Gauri comes to Dadisaa’s room and says I saw Ganga massaging your leg. Dadisaa asks, what do you want to ask? Gauri asks, she is a nurse then why she massaged your legs. Dadisaa looks on tensed.
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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Balika Vadhu 19th August 2014 Written Update

Balika Vadhu 19th August 2014 Written Update 

The episode starts with Ganga politely scolding Mannu for Gauri’s fall. Mannu says sorry. Ganga apologizes to him and says she didn’t know what she is doing. Jagya asks Ganga not to take his words seriously. He says, I can’t see you in this awkward condition. I want her to get well and leave from here. I wonder why I took her here. Ganga says, she can understand him and she also agreed with him. She promises to take care of Gauri. She asks Mannu to change the clothes and then have food.

Subhadra puts the powder inside the laddo to be given to Anandi. She says, now see what I will do with your reputation. She says, Vaid ji said that it will show its effect after 1 hour. Today’s breakfast will be good. She says sorry to God and says she is doing this for Hardik.

Suman makes Puri chole for her husband. She goes to pick the call, but the call gets disconnected. Again phone starts ringing. Hot oil falls on her hand. Saachi comes after hearing her screams and puts water on her hands. Suman cries. Saachi calls Vivek and Roshan, but their phones are not connecting. Saachi takes her to the hospital.

Meenu tells everyone that Shiv’s photo is published in the newspaper. Alok says, he is very handsome and is photogenic. They argue that Shiv is handsome and also photogenic. Daddu says, he will decide. Anandi comes. Daddu puts the food in his plate. Anandi asks him, if you eats this much then what we will eat. Nothing will be left for us. Daddu gets shocked and says sorry. Anandi says, she was just joking. She made enough food. Everyone get tensed. Subhadra smiles.

Saachi and Suman are in the car. Saachi asks the driver to drive fast and calls Vivek. Vivek sees her missed calls and calls her. Saachi informs him about Suman burnt hand. She says, she is reaching the hospital in 5 mins. Vivek says, he will be coming there with Papa.

Amol says bye to everyone before going to school. Subhadra stops him and gives him candies. Amol looks at her. Subhadra says, I behaved rudely with him and kisses him while apologizing. Amol asks her not to apologize being an elder. Subhadra says, your mom can’t be wrong. Everyone is surprised at her behavior. Subhadra asks him to kiss her. Amol gives her a kiss. Anandi takes Amol outside.

Roshan comes to the hospital. Suman asks him not to worry. Vivek asks Doctor about her. Doctor says, burn is serious but Saachi told immediate action. She will be fine in some days and suggest them to let her stay here. Suman refuses to stay in the hospital. Saachi says, maa is right. We shall take her home. I will take care of maa. Doctor agrees and asks her to take care of her.

Meenu gives clothes to Ira. Ira thanks her. Meenu asks, are you thinking something? Ira says, Subhadra seems to be acting when she was speaking to Amol. Meenu says, I didn’t feel like she is acting. Ira says, buaji will be same like before. Meenu disagrees. Ira says, we will take her test. Meenu agrees.

Jagya gets a call. He says, he will be reaching there in 5 mins. Gauri asks him to come near him and asks Ganga to click their picture so that she can tell everyone how Jagya treated her. Gauri pulls him closer to her. Ganga takes the photo. Gauri sees the photo and praises it. Ganga looks sad. Jagya says he will leave. He looks at Ganga. Gauri tells her that she always wanted to see Jagya like this. Ganga says she will give her medicines. Gauri asks, can we get back together. She says their lives would be different if they behaved maturely. Ganga says, she will bring water. Gauri says, I love you Jagat and looks at the photo. Ganga is shocked.

Anandi tells Shiv that Subhadra started eating in glass plates and calls her Dogri. Shiv is shocked. 
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Monday, 18 August 2014

Balika Vadhu 18th August 2014 Written Update

Balika Vadhu 18th August 2014 Written Update 

The episode starts with Shiv stopping the bomber’s car and beats him. Amol and his friends sing Saare Jahaan Se Achha. Everyone clap for them. Shiv asks him to tell about the bomb. He says, it is kept in a bouquet. Shiv recalls Amol telling him that he will give the bouquet to the CM. Announcement is made requesting the CM to accept the bouquet. Shiv asks the bomber to diffuse the bomb. He says, only bomb squad can diffuse it as it is connected via mobile. Shiv rushes inside. While CM heads towards Amol and takes the bouquet. Shiv snatches the bouquet from his hand and searches for the bomb.

Everyone is shocked to see the bomb. Shiv looks at its timer and runs outside with the bomb. Police and security follow him. He throws the bomb in an isolated land. Everyone is shocked to see its blast. SP tells the CM that plumber implanted the bomb. CM says, they are just workers. We have to reach to the main criminal. SP says, I will make him speak out the truth. The bomber says, they won’t utter a word. Shiv scolds him and speaks about the nation. He says, law will find the criminal soon. CM asks the Police to take the guilty. CM praises Shiv and says once again you proved my trust right. He thanks him.

Jagya and Dadisaa see the news on TV about Shiv rescuing CM and the people. Dadisaa asks Jagya to call Shiv. Subhadra praises Shiv and says he is our hero. She tells Anandi is lucky to have Shiv. Amol says he is also lucky. Everyone smiles. Shiv gets Jagya’s call. Jagya says he saw the news and appreciates Shiv. Shiv says it was his duty. Dadisaa takes the call and congratulates him for saving so many lives. Shiv thanks her. Anandi talks to Dadisaa now. Dadisaa tells her that she is very lucky. Anandi says, you are behind my good luck. Dadisaa blesses her.

Subhadra comes to Dayanand Vaid and says his medicines are working. She asks him to give more medicine. Vaid says, he is giving her some other medicine now and asks for one more thousand rupees. Subhadra requests him to take less money. He agrees. She gives him money. Vaid asks her to give half spoon to her bahu. She takes the medicines and leaves. Kids are playing. Gehna asks Nandu to drink milk. Gauri comes in the hall and falls. Jagya rushes to her seeing the wound.

Ganga does her first aid. Jagya asks, why did you come out of your room. Gauri says, she was getting bored and saw kids playing. Jagya says, you have to be careful. He asks Ganga not to leave her alone. Ganga apologizes to them. Gehna asks Ganga to take care of Mannu first. She takes Gauri inside her room. Ganga apologizes to Jagya. Jagya says, he can understand her. Ganga goes to see Gauri.

Gauri asks Ganga to click Jagya and her photo. Ganga takes their photo. Gauri says I love you Jagat shocking Ganga..
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Saturday, 16 August 2014

Balika Vadhu 16th August 2014 Written Update

Balika Vadhu 16th August 2014 Written Update 

The episode starts with everyone sitting to see Amol’s performance. Subhadra tells Anandi that she is very excited. CM turns and sees her. Subhadra promises to vote him. CM smiles. Kala Kendra welcomes CM and everyone present in the function. Announcement is made for the performance by the kids. Some girls sing Ae Mere Watan Ke Logon………Shiv is monitoring the CCTV footage and looks at the tiffin box. Then some lady comes and feeds her child. The girls sing Jai Hind. Everyone clap for them. Someone indisguise of a watchman puts cloth in the tunnel.

Dadisaa gives speech at their hospital. She says, we are still servant of greed, wrong customs, values etc. She tells the meaning of Independence. Nandu tells her that he kept the flag everywhere in the hospital and takes Mannu with him. Dadisaa thanks them.

Announcement is made for kids’ performance. Kids perform an act on ‘Why Mera Bharat Mahaan’! It showcases the crime and the Police taking bribe. Everyone clap after their performance. A man is seen sitting and clapping. Amol and his friends practicise the song Saare Jahan Se Acha……One kid comes and tells the teacher that all the wash basins have been jammed and water coming out. Teacher checks and tells the peon that washbasin choked and asks her to bring the plumber. The peon looks at the security.

Teacher calls Shiv and tells him about the wash basin problem. She tells about the peon’s name. Shiv says, he will look into the matter. SP informs Shiv and tells him that they got the information from someone on phone about the bomb kept in the auditorium. Shiv says, it is not possible. SP says, we can’t ignore this info and risked the life of CM and others. We have to diffuse the bomb soon. Shiv gets a call about plumber asking for a permission. Shiv refuses. He proceeds towards the auditorium. Kids perform on Vande Mataram…………..

Shiv comes out and asks the peon about the plumber. Peon says, he called the plumber from the shop. Shiv asks the security to check the plumber. Shiv asks the security not to allow anyone until he gives the permission. Peon brings plumber inside and tells about the wash basin tap leaking. They smirk looking at each other. Security asks the plumber to repair the tap soon and let the door open. Teacher tells that kids might slip with the flowing water.

Plumber takes out the bomb and fixes it in the wall. He then calls someone and tells about his work done. The Watchman removes the cloth from the tunnel. Plumber smirks. He comes out and tells the security that the work is done. Peon asks the teacher to check. She checks and thanks the plumber and the peon. Plumber demands 500 Rs. Peon bargains with him and says he will give only 300 Rs. He drops the money and asks the security to pick it. Plumber activates the bomb and keeps it in the flower bouquet. Plumber leaves after taking 400 Rs.

A man sitting in the auditorium calls the minister and he asks him to give him good news soon. The girls continues to perform on Vande Mataram. Everyone claps.

Teacher tells all the best to the kids. Police comes and asks the kids and teacher to go to a side as they have to check. Inspector is about to check the flower bouquet, but is interrupted by someone.

Announcement is made for Amol and his friends’ performance. Shiv tells SP that they have to find the bomb asap. Anandi calls Shiv and asks him to come to see Amol’s performance. Shiv says, he will see. Amol and his friends’ perform on Saare Jahaan Se Acha………….

The man sitting in the auditorium looks on and silently gets up to leave. Shiv notices him and asks the security to stop that man. He runs and escapes. The peon gives him something. Shiv notices his hand and asks about the watch. The man changes his clothes given by the peon and calls the minister. Minister says, well done. The man silently comes out with a child. Shiv asks the peon about the expensive watch. Shiv tries to stop the man and runs towards him. He sits in the car and fires at Shiv. Shiv jumps on his car and tries to stop the car. The man fires the bullet.

CM is presented with the bouquet. Shiv runs towards him and takes the bouquet from his hands. He takes out the bomb and looks at the time. Everyone get tensed.
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